June 30, 2023

e-Emphasys Makes New Investments in Customer Success to Support Clients’ Business Objectives

The company doubles down on its commitment to exceptional client experiences with organizational alignment around new people, processes and technologies

CARY, N.C., June 20, 2023 – e-Emphasys Technologies Inc., a global enterprise software provider for the heavy equipment and industrial machinery industry, today announced a series of new investments to bolster ongoing customer advocacy, engagement and training to maximize ROI. In addition to recently naming Marc Tedeschi as Vice President of Customer Success, the company has added other new team members with decades of industry expertise to the department. e-Emphasys also has adopted a brand-centric strategy to build dealer communities and deployed new customer service and project management tools for best practices in meeting client needs.

“We exist to support our clients in helping to literally build and deliver tangible value across the globe, so we want to invest in the best people, processes and technologies to remove friction and support their success,” said Jeff Hart, President and CEO of e-Emphasys. “A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in customer service and support because each client has its own benchmark for success. We’re dedicated to helping every client be more efficient and profitable by providing the right technology and associated services to remove their pain points and be prepared to address both future challenges and opportunities.”

“We exist to support our clients in helping to literally build and deliver tangible value across the globe, so we want to invest in the best people, processes and technologies to remove friction and support their success”

-Jeff Hart, President and CEO, e-Emphasys.

e-Emphasys has made the following investments to ensure client success:

  • Addition of new team members with decades of dealership and technology experience, bringing the global Customer Success team to nearly 20. Another 90 associates provide customer service and support from global support centers, with the primary one located in its Cary headquarters.
  • Expansion of dealer community groups with a tailored approach to OEM/equipment brand dealerships that promotes best practices and deeper product adoption and optimized use.
  • The launch of new software that provides an overall health score for each client, so team members have real-time insight into each engagement and receive actionable alerts to address needs quickly.
  • Implementation of a new CRM system for information about client satisfaction, product design, user experience and functionality improvements.

“Whenever we engage with a new or existing customer, we work to understand what each of their finish lines looks like, and most important, we know how to get them across smoothly,” said Tedeschi. “Greater access to our own critical data intelligence shows us ways to improve each unique customer experience. New tools and opportunities to meaningfully engage will strengthen every client relationship, so we’re always viewed as a trusted partner in realizing their key objectives.”

Now with two industry-leading software suites supporting more than 4,200 rooftops, e-Emphasys will host individual user conferences to best serve each customer base. The Evolve User Conference for those with e-Emphasys ERP will be held Sept. 11-14 in Nashville, Tenn. The IntelliDealer user conference will be held in early 2024 and will be announced once the dates and location are confirmed. These events are opportunities for clients to discuss the state of the industry and specific vertical concerns, learn from their peers, gain knowledge about best practices, and see how to maximize use of their systems to produce the desired business results.

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