Who Is VitalEdge Technologies?

VitalEdge Technologies is the leading global provider of integrated, end-to-end equipment dealer management software. Unlike generic ERPs that aren’t industry-tailored and other legacy systems with limited functionality, technologies from VitalEdge provide the data insights these specific dealers need to successfully run their businesses anytime, anywhere.

Dealerships that sell and/or rent heavy equipment, machinery and trucks don’t have to rely on old or insufficient systems to manage their operations. These companies can digitalize their processes and harness the data intelligence to operate more efficiently, better serve customers, and increase profitability.

We help the world run every day by delivering the innovation equipment dealers need to power and grow their businesses.

The Nuts & Bolts

Why Us?

We aren’t just a software company; we’re the partner that gives you the power to transform your business and take it to the next level. We want you to succeed because what you do is important, and VitalEdge Technologies knows the equipment dealership and distribution industry like no other. You can trust us to turn your digital ambition into competitive advantage.

What Makes
Us Different?

Expert Talent: We employ the largest team of developers, client success and support staff within the industry. Our technology expertise and dealership experience spans decades. In fact, our CTO practically lived at a dealership for an entire year as part of the research required to start the company and develop the initial product.

Modern, Industry-Tailored Technology: We’re passionate about technology, and we listen to our clients in addition to staying on top of IT trends and new tools. Our dealer management systems are fully integrated, with core features and related apps to meet unique industry requirements while being highly configurable.

Integrated Best Practices: We work alongside some of the best-run dealerships across industry sectors. We listen, learn and incorporate their best practices into our products to make the knowledge and those workflows available to clients.

Breadth of OEM Partnerships: We partner with the industry-leading OEMs to automate their specific processes and integrate with the interfaces. Our platforms connect manufacturers, dealers and their end users to provide real-time insights.

Our History

ERP software was all the rage in the 1990s, and our founders worked for one of its pioneers. Realizing that equipment dealers had been left out of the digital revolution, Milind and Sayam Bagade, along with Shriram (Shri) Rajagopal, took the leap of faith to found e-Emphasys in 2000.

Shri spent almost a year at a dealership in New York, working in parts, service, sales, etc., to understand how the business functioned and the common pain points across it. The company was built working closely with various dealers, listening and learning directly from them. The first office in Mumbai, India, opened in 2001, with the flagship e-Emphasys ERP software launching in 2004.

Cary, North Carolina, in the Research Triangle Park area became headquarters, and the company continued to flourish. In May 2023, e-Emphasys merged with CDK Global Heavy Equipment, formerly PFW. As a combined entity, the company leads the equipment dealership industry in agriculture, construction and material handling with plans to expand its global footprint in these and adjacent markets.

Now as VitalEdge Technologies, two best-in-class organizations are positioned to help equipment dealers and distributors achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. Our proven growth platforms ensure you’re on the right track to achieving your business goals.

Our name, inspired by client feedback, says it all: we provide software solutions vital to our customers’ operations, giving them a competitive edge.

Ready to Dig Deeper?

Our dealer management platforms help equipment dealerships run better. That’s the bottom line. In addition to supporting every core business function, you also can benefit from CRM, business intelligence, mobile field service, inspection and e-commerce capabilities.