By: Jeff Hart, President & CEO

June 7, 2023

Building ONE Team to Move the Heavy Equipment and Industrial Machinery Industry Ahead with Digital Transformation and Data Intelligence 

It’s been a month since e-Emphasys Technologies announced its merger with CDK Global Heavy Equipment. While negotiating and planning started many months in advance of the announcement date, we’re now digging into all the details to align our global business functions.

Joining e-Emphasys in late 2022, I had an inkling of what was to come. Now eight months into my tenure as president and now CEO, I couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey with our associates, partners and clients as we build on the successful histories of our legacy organizations.

In addition to working on the merger and finalizing this milestone, we’ve also been:

  • Adding new members to the executive leadership team
  • Filling other important management positions
  • Implementing new systems and processes across the business
  • Evaluating our corporate name and branding

In many ways, we’re a “new company” and that’s exciting as we bring together the talent, technologies and partnerships of two industry-leading companies to become ONE Team. But rest assured that we remain dedicated to the heavy equipment and industrial machinery industry, including agriculture, construction, forestry, heavy truck, material handling, mining and sanitation.

Together, what we do is big and important: equipping the world to run every day – from building homes and critical infrastructure, to growing and harvesting food, to uncovering, moving and shipping various supplies we all rely on in our daily lives.

We help fulfill this purpose by offering two software suites, e-Emphasys ERP and IntelliDealer, to help dealerships and rental companies in the sectors mentioned above increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability.

The commitment to innovation and client value that brought us to this point in our corporate evolution is paving the way for us to bring digital transformation and data intelligence to new clients around the world. The geographies and languages may be different, but the need for modern technology solutions and exceptional client service are the same – and there’s no doubt, we can help.

I’d like to highlight some of the significant investments we’re making in the new, combined business to fortify our ecosystem of dealers, rental companies and OEMs:

  • We will continue our monthly release schedule for both e-Emphasys ERP and IntelliDealer. Simultaneously, we’re carefully reviewing the product roadmap for each product line, so we can determine how to expedite critical change requests and plan for new features and functionality. We now have 280 developers passionate about and dedicated to R&D.
  • We’re adding an overlay reporting application to our CRM system that will give us new insights into client satisfaction, product design, user experience and functionality improvements.
  • We’re working with an outside consulting firm to assess our customer service organization, so we can develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to ensure exceptional experiences throughout the client lifecycle.
  • We’re in the final stages of implementing a new professional service and project management tool that will help us standardize and track project performance and delivery.
  • We just announced the executive chairman of our board of directors and members of our global leadership team. These are industry veterans and seasoned executives, many of whom have worked for CDK Global so they understand and appreciate the value IntelliDealer brings to clients and the industry.
  • We’re hosting our Evolve User Conference Sept. 11-14 in Nashville, Tennessee, for clients with the e-Emphasys dealer management platform and will soon announce the date and location for an IntelliDealer user conference in early 2024. In addition, we plan to host focus groups and explore establishing OEM councils that will help shape product innovation and platform delivery.
  • We’re on a fast track to introduce a new corporate brand and roll out a new website in the fall. Being a new company with more to offer our associates, clients and partners merits a name change and new branding to reflect who we are today and the promise of value we provide.

We’ll update you on each of these initiatives as they’re completed and/or instituted. Most important, we hope you’ll notice the changes and hear about the positive results.

You can always email us at with questions or suggestions. We especially welcome input on topics you’d like us to address in this blog.