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February 1, 2019

Boost Your Field Service Efficiency [e-Service Virtual Assistant]

e-Emphasys eVA

Organizations rely on their equipment to be fully functional in the field, and durability is only part of what contributes to successful equipment maintenance and upkeep. For equipment dealers and rental companies, equipment breakdowns have many severe implications for you as well as your customers. When equipment is not on the job, it not only costs you money, but also impacts many other areas of your organization such as scheduling, customer relationships, and profitability.

During critical phases of a project, equipment breakdowns require immediate responses to get the machine up and running as soon as possible. Dealers and rental companies should not lose hours on a job, miss deadlines, and potentially distress customers because of equipment downtime. Additionally, other complications such as rescheduling workers to other locations while equipment is being repaired and technicians who are unable to fix equipment due to their level of training can result in negative customer experiences and loss of revenue.

With unskilled workers being one of the major issues in the U.S Equipment Distribution and Rental industry, proper field service and maintenance management is crucial to ensure equipment is always working at peak efficiency. With the e-Service Virtual Assistant, customers experience greater involvement, satisfaction, and competency from your technicians and organization, likely leading to repeat business. The e-Service Virtual Assistant empowers your workforce with tools to maximize field service and maintenance performance, improving first-time fix rate, turnaround time, and customer satisfaction.

What is the e-Service Virtual Assistant (eVA)?

The e-Service Virtual Assistant, or eVA is a mobile field service application built with cutting edge technology, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to assist equipment dealers and rental companies in their field service operations. As the industry moves towards more field service automation, eVA takes technology to the next level, utilizing computer programming to learn and solve problems through patterns, behaviors, and data.

The system delivers complete visibility of service data to technicians on the job, increasing employee knowledge, accuracy, and competency in the field. With real-time data and streamlined processes of the e-Service Virtual Assistant, organizations achieve a higher level of productivity in their field service departments. Previous complaints, causes, and solutions are delivered through the system, giving technicians a head start every time they face a problem. The e-Service Virtual Assistant is the first of its kind, using innovative, cutting-edge technology to boost field service efficiency in the equipment distribution and rental industry.


Improve Turnaround Time of Failure Fixes

Maintenance downtime is one of the biggest expenses for equipment dealers and rental companies. As all organizations strive to maximize equipment use and employees’ time, dealers can minimize downtime of equipment with the e-Service Virtual Assistant.

The e-Service Virtual Assistant, or eVA, drastically reduces your maintenance downtime by shortening the turnaround time for failure fixes. The e-Service Virtual Assistant provides visibility of issues with a repository of previous service work orders and detailed insight into how they were resolved. With this knowledge, technicians are empowered to get equipment up and running again more adequately. In addition, model codes, serial numbers, and corresponding probabilities accompany the complaints and causes, revealing the likelihood of similarities between your current breakdown and ones in the past. eVA’s complete visibility and advanced features enable technicians to successfully identify and fix equipment more quickly and competently than ever before.


Ensure First-Time Fixes with a Larger Correction Horizon

Field service jobs can be extremely costly for companies, especially if they don’t result in resolutions and fixes. It is vital for organizations to maximize first-time rate to optimize the profitability of their service department. As first-time fix performance has the potential to dramatically hinder your operations, low first-time fix ratios can hurt both your availability of assets and probability of contract renewals. Customers expect a high level of service and competency from your company, and high first-time fix ratios must be achieved to improve your customer service and field service management.

Customer satisfaction, revenue, productivity, and costs are all areas that are undoubtedly affected by your first-time fix performance. To ensure first-time fixes for your customers, the e-Service Virtual Assistant (eVA) provides innovative managing and skill matching capabilities. Technicians can significantly improve their first-time fix ratios and view which parts were required to resolve similar issues. As a result, technicians are fully prepared and equipped to solve any issues that arise with the extensive knowledge base of eVA.


Improve First-Time Fix Rate and Deploy Cost-Effective Corrections

Decreasing equipment maintenance costs without diminishing effects of quality or service is a common challenge for equipment dealers and rental companies. As organizations want to provide both efficient and effective maintenance service, the e-Service Virtual Assistant delivers many potentially corrective approaches for your technicians servicing equipment. Based on historical service data within the system, eVA suggests multiple solutions, minimizing the cost of parts used in potentially unsuccessful fixes. Your technicians have the freedom to choose what they believe is the best and most cost-effective approach in all scenarios, eliminating wasted money and time for the company. For example, technicians having battery issues with equipment may be presented with options to replace a battery cell or replace an entire battery.


Decrease Technician Training Time

When managing the workforce, organizations typically face different obstacles and challenges in training their employees. With unprepared technicians and long periods of training time, companies are left to deploy additional training or send technicians to the field without full preparation for the job at hand. The e-Service Virtual Assistant, or eVA significantly reduces technician training time by providing solutions to problems they have never seen or encountered before. Additionally, eVA provides filters for technicians to search similar problems and causes based on equipment types (Wheel Loaders, Crawler Dozers, Drum Rollers, etc.)

As a result, technicians gain an understanding of issues before having any prior experience resolving them. Technicians are ready to fix failures in the future with less additional training, resulting in less frequent field service follow-up visits. eVA optimizes workforce management by enabling technicians to successfully complete their work with improved first-time fix ratios and allowing field agents to spend more time performing service work.


Service Management Software On the Go

Available on any browser or device, the mobile field service app empowers technicians to work efficiently wherever they are. As the e-Service Virtual Assistant is fully integrated with the mobile field service app (eServiceTech), technicians have complete access to the system whether at the office or in the field. In addition, e-Service Tech allows technicians to update and search equipment service records in real-time with any IoT platform of your choice. Even in circumstances without network connectivity, field technicians can rely on e-ServiceTech to access the platform in offline mode, with data synchronization when the network is back online.

The mobile field service app, e-Service Tech delivers all the field-ready functionalities needed to improve productivity of your field technicians. eVA’s full database of complaints, probable causes, and solutions works alongside e-Service Tech’s visibility of warehouses, parts, employees, and more.

Other notable functions of e-Service Tech include:

  • Equipment Maintenance Scheduling and Dispatch – With increased flexibility on the platform, e-Service Tech is more than just dispatch scheduling software. Organizations can quickly react to changing schedules, assign multiple technicians to a work order, and utilize geospatial tools to find the right technician, with the right parts, for the right job. Companies reduce scheduling time while saving on parts and fuel costs with automated scheduling, real-time dispatch notifications, and more.
  • Work Order Management – Companies can create work orders to coordinate and schedule resources and activities through the mobile app. Customers experience increased visibility and transparency as they view their work order information, and organizations filter work orders based on: priority, unassigned, branch, foreman, customer, and more.
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Other notable e-Service Tech features include:

  • GPS Integration (Detailed Routing Information)
  • On-Site Digital Signature Capture (Document Management)
  • Voice-to-Text Converter (Innovative Note-Taking)
  • Photo Capture (Annotation Capabilities)


Build Long-Term Relationships on Trust and Credibility

Repeat visits to customer sites can cause frustration with scheduling complications and unresolved issues. In a customer-centric industry, nothing should take precedence over satisfying your customers’ needs. To meet and exceed the expectations of your customers, the e-Service Virtual Assistant utilizes advanced technology to provide visibility and simplicity to you. With complete integration with the e-Service Tech mobile solution, technicians are fully equipped to fix any problem wherever they go. Schedule a demo below to see how you can benefit from less equipment downtime, less maintenance costs, improved workforce management, and improved field service efficiency!

“Our revenue, particularly in service, has increased 30% this year. One of the areas that has helped us tremendously is the e‑Service Tech. Being able to manage labor day by day without paper has improved that process greatly.”

– Brian Loderhose, VP Product Support

Van Keppel Equipment Company