By: VitalEdge

June 17, 2024

Signs you need a New Heavy Truck Dealer Management System

Did you know that the heavy truck industry is expected to grow from 204.56 billion to USD 313.95 billion over the next 5 years? There’s so much potential for heavy truck dealers to expand their business and reach their growth goals, but they’ll only be able to do it with the right help on their side. 
Having the right tools is important for any business, but heavy truck dealerships that truly want to take their business to the next level should invest in expanding their tech stack. The right software can help your dealership experience true digital transformation. But, how do you know if you have the right software?  

Maybe you’ve had the same ERP for years and don’t know what more modern systems have to offer. Or it’s possible that you have a lot of different tools and apps and want to consolidate to an all-in-one solution. Either way, there are some sure signs you can see that will tell you if it’s time to make a switch.   

You’re juggling multiple tools 

Take a moment to think about how many tools your employees need to do their job. A study done by the Harvard Business Review found that the average employee switched 350 times between 22 different applications and unique websites during their workdays.  

All of that context switching isn’t good for productivity or employees. Constantly switching between different programs can take up plenty of time and mental space. Overtime, people may become more distracted and less able to concentrate on what really matters at work. Lessen your employee’s mental load and make work easier by keeping their most important work in one place.  

e-Emphasys keeps your most important work all in one easy to access place. Employees can do their tasks in a simple secure environment and spend much less time context switching and more time focused on important tasks.  

You’re struggling to make sense of data 

You know how important data is for your business. Business owners and decision makers that have access to the right data can help businesses expand into new markets, improve overall customer service, help marketing efforts, and do a lot to positively affect company growth. Your current ERP and other software programs give you plenty of reports and sheets of data. Unfortunately, you aren’t exactly sure what to do with the information you have.

At e-Emphasys we understand that your expertise is in the heavy trucking industry, not in data analytics. That’s why our business intelligence integration is designed to not just give you data, but also help you make sense of it.  

Emphasys’ Microsoft BI integration is unrivaled. If you’re a visual learner, you can choose to have your data exported in the form of charts, graphs, maps, or whatever way makes the most sense to you. Our BI’s advanced automation can quickly analyze your data to find patterns and outliers to give you unique insight into your business. Whether you’re interested in exploratory, descriptive, statistical, or predictive data, our BI can give you the information you need.  


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Your current tech feels outdated

You’ve had the same ERP/DMS for nearly as long as you’ve had your dealership. There’s something to be said about familiarity, but you can’t help but feel like you’re missing out on something. You’ve read about things like AI, AR, and BI in trade publications, but you don’t know how you’d incorporate them into your dealership.  
We don’t want to see any dealership miss out on powerful new technology just because their current tech setup doesn’t allow them to take advantage of it. That’s why we make sure e-Emphasys clients have access to the latest technology right within our product.  

We believe in the importance of investing in your own technology for success. That’s why we have over 300 developers who are constantly working to bring our clients the latest advancements in tech. Whether you’re looking for an AI solution to help your technicians diagnose and repair problems or better tech to help workers in the field, e-Emphasys has what you need.  

You’re thinking more about security  

It’s estimated that in 2024 cybercrime will cost more than $452 billion in the United States alone.  You may not think so, but the average heavy truck dealership has a wealth of information that entice cyber criminals. Think about how many credit card numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and trade secrets you have scattered across different computers and software. Now think about how damaging it could be to your reputation if there was a data breech.  

At e-Emphasys, we understand how important data security is for heavy truck dealers. That’s why we built in so many different security features to keep your information safe. Between our custom solutions and additional security from our Microsoft integrations, we do everything we can to keep your most important data safe and accessible. 

You want to effectively deal with business inefficiencies

Low productivity. Missed deadlines. Worker burnout. Poor training. All of these can cause problems for any heavy truck dealership, but figuring out how to fix them can be even more difficult. Instead of bringing in an outside consultant to figure out how to deal with business inefficiencies, consider using your own data and software to help improve your business.  

We have worked alongside some of the industry’s best-run dealerships and have listened, learned, and incorporated their best practices directly into e-Emphasys to make that knowledge and those workflows available to you. Our business process modeling feature is a repository of best practices that’s designed to give you total operational visibility. Alongside having best practices encorporated into our software, we’re also designed to ensure compliance with ISO 9000, SOX, and other important regulations.  

The #1 Choice For Heavy Truck Dealerships

Overall, every feature in the e-Emphasys ERP is built to help heavy truck dealers reach their growth goals and operate at maximum efficiency. From basic features like fleet management and finance to high tech solutions  like our advanced CRM and groundbreaking AI, e-Emphasys has everything you need to succeed.