By: VitalEdge

July 19, 2023

Welcome Marc Tedeschi as e-Emphasys Vice President of Customer Success

Care for People Is at the Core of His Character and Approach to His New Role

Marc Tedeschi, our new Vice President of Customer Success, clearly has a passion for people. An active volunteer for multiple child welfare organizations, he and his wife are also certified foster parents. Last year, they rehabilitated two foster children, ages two and four, through the Arms Wide Open program. Marc and his family also sponsored a child in Bolivia through the Save the Children Foundation.

He is also a volunteer youth sports coach, helping young athletes learn to work together as a team. Since 2006, he’s been a head coach for soccer and basketball and an assistant coach for baseball. And Marc and his family also work closely with local dog rescues, with an affinity for miniature Doberman pinchers and Beagles.

His empathy and genuine care for people (and pets) permeates his approach to leading Customer Success. Marc previously worked for e-Emphasys and returned last month, following successful tenures at other technology companies. Check out this Q&A to learn more about him and what excites him about his new role and customer success as a practice.

You previously worked for e-Emphasys; what made you come back?

[CEO] Jeff Hart explained his vision for the company and asked me to come back to be part of making it happen. Getting to know him and hearing his enthusiasm and plans for the organization, I was thrilled to accept the offer to become part of the executive team and focus on the Customer Success organization. Everyone is aligned and collaborating with a lot of transparency, so it’s an exciting opportunity.

What’s most important to customer success as a practice/program?

Being on the front line with customers, we must act as their quarterback. We should understand each customer’s goal and how to best help them reach it, making the journey as smooth as possible. We do this by using our domain knowledge, along with industry and technical expertise, to meet and exceed their expectations. The customer relationship should be viewed as a partnership because we work in tandem to meet their business objectives. We’re also here to make sure each customer has a positive experience and that we exceed their expectations in how we engage with them. Therefore, it’s important to ask each customer what success means and looks like for them. We then can track their journeys, which includes celebrating the successful milestones and being transparent in overcoming issues quickly.

What excites you about the new, post-merger e-Emphasys?

It’s an exciting opportunity for all of us and our customers. Our combined industry knowledge and hands-on experience in working with clients to really understand their challenges and address them with innovative software positions us as not just a market leader but a powerhouse. Our recent Sales meeting was confirmation and only amplified my enthusiasm because of such depth of expertise. We’re all talented individuals but find strength as a team, so this coupled with excellent domain knowledge is our big differentiator.

When it comes to leading the Customer Success Team, does anything keep you up at night?

I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I didn’t have a healthy paranoia. We have the best and biggest team in the market, but you can’t rest because technology moves fast. We have the right people across all areas of the company and a great leadership team that believes in collaboration and retaining talent. It’s important to always have an eye on the competition and regularly evaluate

What are some of the recent investments e-Emphasys has made in its Customer Success practice?

e-Emphasys has doubled down on its commitment to exceptional client experiences with organizational alignment around new people, processes and technologies. For example:

  • We’ve added new team members with decades of dealership and technology experience, bringing the global Customer Success team to nearly 20. Another 90 associates provide customer service and support from global support centers, with the primary one located in our Cary headquarters.
  • We’ve expanded dealer community groups with a tailored approach to OEM/equipment brand dealerships that promotes best practices and deeper product adoption and optimized use.
  • We deployed new software that provides an overall health score for each client, so team members have real-time insight into each engagement and receive actionable alerts to address needs quickly.
  • We also implemented a new CRM system for information about client satisfaction, product design, user experience and functionality improvements.

What would you like current or new customers to know about e-Emphasys?

Whenever we engage with a new or existing customer, we work to understand what each of their finish lines looks like and partner with them to get across smoothly. Each client’s goals and requirements are unique, so we want to meaningfully engage with you at every step, so we’re viewed as a trusted technology partner in realizing your key objectives.