By: VitalEdge

October 14, 2021

How to Keep Your Dealership’s Documents Secure and Organized

In today’s business environment, having quick access to your organization’s documents and data is of utmost importance. Accessing documents securely at the time you need them creates a more seamless document management process throughout your dealership. Many of the documents your dealership manages contain sensitive information, so it is important for those documents to stay secure. E-Emphasys Document Management simplifies your business processes by providing an advanced, contextual, central repository for every file required to run your dealership.

E-Emphasys Document management keeps your organization’s documents in one place, eliminating the “islands of information” between multiple physical and digital locations. When you’re looking for a document, you can type the keywords into the easily searchable database within the platform, saving your time. Additionally, with the mobile application you can access your documents from anywhere. e-Emphasys also offers powerful and flexible control of your data, with role-based authentication and authorization to ensure that the wrong people cannot access your documents.

The seamless experience created with e-Emphasys Document Management, and the integration with e-Emphasys ERP can help you increase documentation and sharing of documents within the dealership. For example, you can photograph a piece of equipment when it leaves and comes back into the yard. If there are damages, you can bill the customer for those damages accordingly. With the pictures, you can reduce any customer disputes, because you have shown documentation of the damages and provided a timeline of those damages. This saves you time and money by avoiding the disputes and covering your damage costs.

Many e-Emphasys users have gone completely paperless with e-Emphasys Document Management. Senior Rental Manager of Alta Equipment Company, Lori Brandon, explains “The system has allowed us to go paperless. We can upload all of our documents into the actual contract, so anybody can access it at any time, saving tremendous amount of time looking for paper folders. We have the utilization and the reporting features now, which we can get just by exporting data. It’s much quicker, it’s more efficient, and everybody can access that information.” To learn more about the features of our document management system and how it can help your dealership go paperless, and keep documents organized, download our datasheet, and schedule a demo here.