By: VitalEdge

February 10, 2021

COVID & Xapps Blog Series: eCRM & e360

COVID & XAPPS Blog Series

e-Emphasys e360 and eCRM: Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction and Analytics

Welcome back to our COVID-19 and e-Emphasys solutions blog. This edition is all about your customer information, satisfaction and. We will also highlight how our solutions, eCRM and 360 benefit your teams during the COVID-19 pandemic.


While the global pandemic is still an ongoing crisis, it seems many businesses have now adapted to the new way of operating when it comes to customer engagement. It is important that your sales force is fully equipped with all the tools they need to succeed and excel at their jobs.

e-Emphasys has the tools to help you serve your customers more effectively and increase your sales and customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at the benefits of e-Emphasys Customer Relationship Management and e360 solutions.


Now more than ever, it is important for your sales team to capitalize on opportunities quickly. With e-Emphasys’ Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) solution your sales personnel can manage the complete sales cycle in a structured and proactive manner, keeping track of each meeting, offer and interaction. eCRM integrates powerful productivity tools for your sales, marketing and customer service teams and has the native ability to track detailed information about each customer and his fleet. Automated processes coupled with powerful and flexible quoting tools allow you to generate all-inclusive proposals, on-site quotes and more, speeding up your sales cycle.

Compatibility with mobile and desktop as well as Windows, iOS and Android, means that your team can stay completely informed whenever or wherever. They are able to have complete visibility of customer history and inventory in the very moment they need it – when they are talking to your customer.

“Our customer satisfaction with e-Emphasys has definitely increased as we are able to get information. We’re able to get real-time looks at inventories and get answers to our customers when they’re sitting right in front of us in the office.”

-Jon Shilling, CEO and President, General Equipment & Supplies


With increased customer engagement comes the need for greater analytics and access to data. Whether you are in the office or on the go, e-Emphasys’ e360 gives you unparalleled data and analytics are at your fingertips. e360 provides your executives and sales team on the road, instant access to real-time customer and inventory information.

This mobile equipment dealer sales application allows you to gain a 360-degree view of your operations. With access to actionable and relevant data, you will gain insight into new opportunities to cross-sell and upsell in addition to helping you deliver an unrivaled customer experience.

e360 comes equipped with four modules that cover all aspects of your business.

  • Equipment: View all product categories, including equipment models, attachments, and components. Filter by manufacturer, line of business, model codes, fleet status, and current equipment office
  • Rental: View customer and contract details of rented equipment. View equipment details based on model code or unit number
  • Parts: Search one or more parts with combination of part code, part description, and manufacturers. Get real-time views of quotes, invoices, order history, pending order, and transactions across departments
  • Customer: View customer account information such as payment terms, credit analysis, credit rating, home currency, balances/limits, yearly sales, aging analysis, and receivables