By: VitalEdge

September 5, 2019

Comparison of Equipment Dealer Business Systems

Features & Benefits of Equipment Dealer Business Systems (Comparison Table)

Equipment Distribution and Rental companies deploy different technologies to gain and maintain competitive advantages in the industry. When it comes to Dealer Business Systems, dealerships recognize that finding a provider that understands their business is essential if you want to maximize return on investment. Executives, owners, and managers have a particularly difficult time finding the most rewarding software from all the available options as they want a seamless experience when implementing new systems. Therefore, finding the right fit can present a challenge, especially when some dealerships have been stuck doing things the same way for decades.

Before upgrading your Dealer Business System, it is crucial that evaluators do their due diligence and take the time to learn about the most important features and benefits of all possible solutions. The best course of action is to understand how your dealership’s unique needs can potentially be satisfied by deploying a Dealer Business System. Don’t let the lack of knowledge drive your decision making for an Equipment Dealer Management System.

Equipment Dealer Business System Comparison

With so many different software options on the market, it’s not easy to determine the best business systems for equipment dealers and distributors. To simplify this process, we’ve created a side-by-side comparison of the primary Dealer Business Management Systems deployed in the industry today: e-Emphasys ERP, Generic ERP, and Legacy Systems.

e-Emphasys ERP – Built on innovative technology, e-Emphasys ERP is a complete digital transformation platform exclusively focused on the Equipment Distribution and Rental industry.

Generic ERP – General software made for and used across many industries. Using a cookie-cutter, “one-size-fits-all” approach to dealer management, Generic ERP software typically has high implementation costs linked to customization and integration.

Legacy Systems – Outdated software built on programming language which is in many cases 50 or more years old. Legacy Systems are no longer being updated or developed, and most programmers familiar with them are retiring

Description of Features

Complete Digital Transformation Platform –

End-to-end platform covering all areas of the business including Mobile Applications, CRM, Business Intelligence, eCommerce Customer Portals, and more.

Business Process Modeler –

Integrated tool made to assist dealers and rental companies in adopting industry best practices, aligning operations with business strategies, and leveraging overall Dealer Business System capabilities.

Low Total Cost of Ownership –

Fast implementation, quick deployment, few configurations, and reduced training time and human error for equipment distribution and rental companies.

Extensive Research & Development Department –

Over 200 developers solely dedicated to the Equipment Distribution and Rental industry.

Equipment Industry-Specific Technology – 

Dealer Business System designed alongside the world’s leading dealerships and rental companies for the unique needs of the industry.

Integrated Best Business Practices – 

Over 400 Integrated Equipment Industry Best Practices based on feedback from dealers and rental companies.

Out-of-the-Box OEM Interfaces –

As a result of the exclusive focus on the Equipment Distribution and Rental industry for decades, OEM-specific relationships and interfaces are available out-of-the-box from most leading OEMs

Modern Technology Platform –

Engineered with first-class, innovative technology to increase operational efficiency at every level of the organization. A modern solution should be accessible from any device or browser, and provide world class security and uptime

Single Source of Truth –

Customer data, fleet information, financials, etc. available in one central place.

Real-Time Access –

Provides complete visibility of real-time updates, analytics and data to empower data-driven decision making.

Advanced Technology Applications –

Development and deployment of next-generation, cutting-edge technology including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Telematics, and more.

Flexible Hosting Options –

Reliable cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid options for flexibility and control.

Infrastructure & Functionality for Growth –

Enterprise Dealer Management Software that handles multiple locations/users, and endless data.The solution should be scalable to facilitate growth, making it easy to add branches, companies, product lines, etc.

Equipment Industry Knowledge

Although many Dealer Business Systems exist in the market today, generic ERP software simply cannot provide the same required functionality of an industry-specific system. The Equipment Distribution and Rental industry know-how built into the ERP maximizes the ROI of the software since every feature is designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of dealerships. Out-of-the-box capabilities move the needle for dealers and distributors, enabling them to integrate and deploy systems with ease. Many dealers have even experienced implementation projects taking as little as 4 months to go-live. 

Developers of industry-specific Dealer Business Systems have designed the technology to function in a manner that is most optimal for dealers. Generic Dealer Business Systems are problematic and troublesome for many organizations today because the level of customization and modification that is required. The financial implications of deploying a generic ERP cannot be overlooked as organizations can spend up to thousands of unforeseen dollars to adjust the system according to their needs. With integrated best business practices, industry-specific software covers every single facet of the Equipment Distribution and Rental industry.

Modern Technology

It’s evident that outdated Legacy systems have reached a point where they are a costly burden day-to-day operations of a dealership. Traditionally used legacy systems cause unexpected delays, increased maintenance costs, data security concerns, and many other complications for dealerships in the past. As the Digital Revolution has occurred around the world, forward thinking equipment dealers and rental companies are now leveraging modern technology to advance their organizations in ways they could not before.

Technicians, managers, executives, and everyone in between now require Dealer Business Systems that can provide complete visibility, advanced functionality, and maximum flexibility for their jobs. With a modern Dealer Business System, dealers are empowered with real-time updates, data analytics, and mobile applications to run the organization more efficiently and effectively from the top-down. Cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) give new tools to resolve issues, improving the staff’s first-time fix rates and overall technician productivity. In addition, executives gain brand-new insights into their organizations with GPS-integrations, utilization charts, graphical dashboards, and more. As organizations grow and new opportunities arise, a Dealer Business System built on cutting-edge technology is the only way to ensure you are set for the future.

e-Emphasys Equipment Dealer Business System

e-Emphasys has dedicated over 20 years in developing the complete dealer management platform. While other solutions struggle to bring equipment industry knowledge and modern technology together, e-Emphasys advances dealerships with innovative tools and features for all operational and financial needs of the company. As the leading supplier of ERP software for the Equipment Distribution and Rental industry, e-Emphasys has a proven history of on-time, on-budget implementations and continues to update the Dealer Business System with products enhancements and the newest technology.

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