By: VitalEdge

May 14, 2020

Shortage Solutions for Service Success

A recent AED report highlighted a major concern facing the equipment industry today – skill gap. Skill gap refers to the disparity between the skills of the workforce and the skills you need in your organization. This gap manifests in the form of technician shortages resulting from a lack of qualified technicians with the required hard skills. Compounding this shortage is the abundance of baby boomers nearing retirement. Their mastery of hard skills is not being backfilled by current education systems which are advocating for four years degrees over technical and vocational careers.  

At e-Emphasys we pride ourselves in being part of this industry through our memberships in AED and other industry organizations. This deep involvement equips our team with up-to-date knowledge and deep understanding of true industry problems our customers are facing. Our understanding coupled with our twenty years of industry experience have enabled us to create innovative and meaningful solutions that increase our customers’ efficiencies and success.  

e-Emphasys offers a suite of service solutions for accurate and efficient labor management. Our service management solutions can help to mitigate the impact of labor shortages and knowledge gaps that the industry is facing.  


Plan, schedule, and dispatch your field technicians with ease and certainty. Our eScheduler mobile application ensures that you send the right technician for every job, every time. With limited technicians and abilities, matching the proper technician for a job is essential.  


Apart from hiring more technicians, a major concern for companies facing a technician shortage is how to get the most out of their current technicians. That’s where e-Emphasys’ eServiceTech comes in.  

eServiceTech increases technician efficiency and productivity and reduces the time technicians spend doing paperwork. Notes and customer signatures are uploaded into the ERP straight from the app, which also reduces time to invoice. The tech can also clock in/out from the app, order any required parts and GPS tracks mileage automatically, giving your back-office team everything, they need to bill the customer.  


New technicians are green and lack the hard skills seasoned technicians have honed. The eService Virtual Assistant (eVA) reduces this problem by bridging the gap between skills and experience with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. With eVA, you can shorten training time for new technicians and increase first-time fix rate. 

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm analyzes historical service data and provides guided troubleshooting with suggestions on likely failure, how long it has taken to fix, and what skills and parts are required. eVA can act as a knowledge base for your years of service history and data. This helps bridge the gap between skills and experience and ensures that the knowledge of experienced technicians is not lost as they retire. 

Schedule a personalized demo with our team to see how e-Emphasys’ service management solutions can increase your technicians’ productivity and help mitigate complications from technician shortages.